A Lesson in Street MMA: Taking multiple losses is now possible in Road Rage MMA

Street Mma Road Rage Mma

Learning is hard. Sometimes lessons take a couple a times to really click thru. Street MMA is like Road Rage MMA in this sense.

A Street Fight that actually takes place on the Streets? Okay, MiddlEasy. In this case the streets are some back roads. Also, in this case it’s more of a one sided beat down than Fight.

Somehow, someway our dude take three ‘L’s’ in the span of three minutes. Road Rage is real and it affects every inch of your skill tree. The video picks up with just two grown man rolling in the grass.

Seems normal enough.

Enter one Baby Boomer trying to break up this incident in Road Rage MMA. “A” for effort here, Boomer. Rising from the grassy knoll is a old dude rocking a mustache. Also doing Grass BJJ is a bloody up dude who is the star of the video.

This guy is cut and bleeding like a stuck pig. So he’s at one loss here. The logical next step in his tragic origin story is to fight the 60-something dude who tried to stop the fight.

You already knows what happens next. This bloody guy literally loses to the “okay, Boomer” meme. Just a few days ago this guy was probably having himself a good laugh at Boomer Baby memes.

How the mighty have fallen.

How can this brawl get any better? Dude’s next step in life is to go back to trying to fight the guy rocking a mean mustache. Bad move.

Enjoy dropping to 0-3 on your Street MMA career record.

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