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Sometimes, Brazil TUF 2 cast members have to get down with some Street MMA too

Sometimes, Brazil TUF 2 cast members have to get down with some Street MMA too

There’s plenty of reasons for spontaneous acts of unsanctioned rage induced violence to occur-anything can potentially set a person off into brawlathon mode. In my case the sound of certain people breathing and or eating can make me want to assault and battery their faces. For a long time I thought I was suffering from ADD and misophonia-the aversion to the sound of people eating or breathing, but now I know it’s just that I really don’t want those certain people to eat or breathe. Their utter existance is just that offensive and rage inducing. In order to avoid jail time for committing street mma violence upon these people-I just stay the four letter word for procreation away from them. That’s always the best way to avoid ending up on someone’s cell phone video uploaded to worldstarhiphop and then subsequently over here on MiddleEasy as the latest entry to our Street MMA hall of shame.

But if one of your life goals IS to end up internet mini-famous via acting like a total douche and showing off what a potential UFC frate trane you are then you need to know the main ways to have an instance of spontaneous street mma occur in your life. I’m fairly certain if anyone ever did a scientific study to determine the top ten reasons that Street MMA occurs, drinking large quantities of liquid courage jagermeister while wearing a gold lame embellished MMA shirt that’s three sizes too tight and is cutting off circulation to your wannabe biceps and traffic induced road rage would top the list. I have been involved in a few road rage induced street mma bouts but luckily that was way back in the olden day before cellphone video was popular enough for me to have 20 seconds of WorldStarHipHop fame.

Unfortunately (but fortunately for all of us) for Ronaldo Oliveira, fighter and cast member of the upcoming season of TUF Brazil 2’s cellphone video is now everywhere. RO was involved in a traffic road rage induced instance of Street MMA just a little while back on the streets of Brazil and someone caught it all on video and uploaded it to YouTube. The nice guys over at Bloody Elbow discovered it and wrote about it so all of us violence loving voyeurs can marvel at it. Yay Bloody Elbow and cellphone video capturing unknown random person! Thanks so much!

The GIF appears to show Oliveira almost running into a traffic director in traffic and the traffic dude then attempts to grab him through the driver side window and Oliveira then keeps driving with the traffic guy still hanging from the window. Oliveira finally stops the car gets out and the two throw a few blows before some people including a cop come by to end the middle of the street fight.

What the GIF doesnt show is apparently before hand, Oliveira was trying to get his girlfriend (a passenger in the car) to an appointment and a bus hits her car. This appointment was so important that Oliveria then jumps into driver seat to rescue his girlfriend and attempts to be super boyfriend and weave his way out of traffic. So although the actions you see him taking-almost running over traffic cop, dragging him down the street hanging from his window and then subsequently getting out of the car and throwing hands at the guy might seem violent and douchey-you might also say he was just being a chivalrous boyfriend. However you look at it, it’s fun for us to watch and now we’re all going to want to see what happens to him on the upcoming season of TUF 2 Brazil.


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