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Let’s watch some road rage justice, Street MMA style

All he wanted to do was succumb to his wife’s wishes for a nice family time out of the house. “You’ve been working too hard, dear.” No doubt this man has heard that multiple times, and since he’s been working so hard, he surely wants to go travel somewhere with his family. Maneuvering through traffic to go spend money, that will ease his stress. There’s nothing quite like the phenomenon of having your family pressure you into relaxing; it can create a small flame in a man’s belly that can burst into uncontrollable flames with a perfect squirt of lighter fluid. Perhaps he wants to be at home, drinking beer with his dog, dousing that burning in his belly. But no: he does his duty. He spends time with his family.

Then this man in a sports car decides that he wants to go fast. 

Sometimes, justice is served not by a man wearing a cape. You know how they say there are mothers out there who have lifted entire cars off their children who for some reason had a car land on top of them? Well, the same things happen to males with road rage. You ride the ass of an SUV full of a frightened middle-class family, and you call down the hero’s wrath that you deserve: an angry father in a brightly-colored polo.

This accelerated quickly.

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I owe a props to someone for this, but I can’t remember who. I’m so sorry.

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