A Lesson in Street MMA: Never Let A Grappling Match Interrupt Your Taco Bell Order

Live mas. This is the credo of Taco Bell, where a grappling match can break out at any time. In this stressful current year, it’s important to know that living mas is something that cannot be interrupted by a grappling match between two women in a parking lot, no.

“Uh, yeah, can I have 3 chicken tacos, fresco style?” The moderately health-conscious production crew would ask into the speaker while the pre-fight hype was starting to heat up like a packet of fire sauce. As the battle breaks out, the man believes he needs original chicken, which is probably the best choice. He’s calm, because he knows he’s about to enjoy a delicious meal after witnessing a battle for the ages to which he has a front-row seat.

“Can I get you anything else, like a drink?” The speaker follows-up, seemingly unaware that a guard has been passed and a possible mount is happening in the adjacent parking lot. “Um, yeah can I have a large diet Coke.” The man doubles down on his relatively healthy meal order, as hair is being pulled mere feet away.


“And can I have a chicken quesadilla?” The cameraman’s voice never waivers, despite the potentially devasting submission nearly being applied. “That’s it,” he says, a darkness in his voice as he completes his order while witnessing the scramble.

That’s it, indeed.

“Does everything look correct to you?” The speaker asks while the woman maintaining guard grips madly at hair and pounds the woman in purple pants.

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