A Lesson in Street MMA: This fight league takes place in the back of a moving 18-wheeler?

The YAMMA pit ain’t got nothing on whatever is going on here. This is Lesson in Street MMA is brought to you by the ‘Rumble in the Bronx’ fight league.

When it comes to Underground Fight Leagues, RITB stands out from the crowd due to the setting of their match-ups. When a ring, cage, a park or parking lot won’t due, settle your differences inside the back of semi-truck.

Basically, Johny Hendricks could live like a God in this fight league based around over-sized trucks.

Is the truck parked? Is it moving? And if it is parked then why the hell isn’t it moving? Step your game up RITB and join MiddleEasy’s top ten underground fight leagues post from 2010.

First up we have Mad Dog vs. The Biter. Based on nicknames alone, a clear favorite emerges.

Next we have controversy and a ring card girl doing entirely too much

And now a rare corner stoppage in semi-truck MMA

Finally, likely spawned from the box office success Mayweather-McGregor we have a MMA fighter vs. a boxer but in the back of a 18-wheeler.

H/T to @ZPGIFs for the find

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