A Lesson in Boat MMA: The Man Wielding The Antenna Will Always Have The Reach Advantage

Street MMA is fluid. As we know, it can take place anywhere. Street MMA, at its essence, is not just MMA that takes place on the streets proper, as it embodies a flailing disregard for what makes us human (empathy, societal rules, and constructs which bind us together as we are all one). Street MMA is the truck nuts of MMA. It’s the angry aunt, smoking a cigarette inside while eating her pie next toddlers. It’s blatant fuckery. It’s hilarious and wonderful and sad.

Street MMA can take place on a boat.

It’s impossible to know exactly when a Street MMA match will break out, but when one does, you can be sure that techniques will be invented on the fly. Take this battle on a boat in which various heavyweight combatants try for multiple standing arm triangles and bulldog chokes before one wins the fight by tearing off the boat’s antenna and using it like Jon Jones uses oblique kicks. Innovative.

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