A Lesson in Street MMA: Watch out for the bouncer with Jose Aldo leg kicks

Yes, the crap-talking dude gets his come uppence in the form of a Jose Aldo-esque leg kick. Yes, he deserved it. But most importantly, what’s on this guy’s shirt? Is that a bust of a wild buck? I’ve studied this video more than the Zapruder film, and I just can’t tell what’s on this dude’s T-shirt. I need to know. I want to believe.

Alright, forget the fact that this buck shirt-wearing bozo’s life would be completely different if he practiced the Knee Destruction™ technique every morning after taking down his morning dose of Omega 8s and revel in this bouncer who tells his compatriot to move aside so he can kick with the force of Jose Aldo. It’s #satisfying.

Thanks to Stullo for the +100 news tip!

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