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A Lesson in Street MMA: Stockton’s female grappling circuit seems to be going strong

Alright, do whatever that’s required to expand your brain for this idea. Imagine a 16-bit ‘Street Fighter’ game, but each character is actually a fighter from a well-known Street MMA video published on MiddleEasy. So for example imagine the ‘Bloody nosed infinite gas tank dude‘ taking on the guy with the ‘Only The Superb Survives‘ on the back of his shirt — but fought in the level environment of that Oregon Street MMA with the gravity-defying hill. Each level would have a completely interactive environment — even with level transitions if a police car unexpectedly drives nearby. Every character would have a set of special moves, like this flying knee from Jon Jones’ hipster descendent. Capcom, make that game and I can assure you that like — eight people will buy it.

It’s just in every Stocktonian’s DNA to have an infinite gas tank, clever grappling and the ability to scrap on the streets of the 209. Nick Diaz is just a product of his environment. As we see in this special edition of Street MMA inside the 209, Stockton is entirely too busy fighting to be bankrupt.

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