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A Lesson in Street MMA: Ready? Chins up, throw bombs

This is the best Street MMA of the year. You could stop reading now, and just click the box and watch then come back to that opening statement and agree with me, or you can keep reading then watch and then agree with me. No matter what you choose to do, you’ll end up nodding your head and pumping your first because this fight is the definition of rawesome. This Street MMA is a choose your own adventure that just leads to you being impressed by these two Asian dudes fighting in a parking lot no matter what page you turn to.

The rawsomicity factor is strong with this one, and I will list why this is an extremely watchable Street MMA with bulletpoints to ease readability.

  • No crap talk, instant action.
  • A Wand/Stann level of ultraviolence that leads to both men taking punishment on their iron chins.
  • Grey sweatsuit’s ‘Machida Knee.’
  • Spinning sh*t.
  • A gentlemanly agreement on Queensbury rules.
  • A production crew aware of proper aspect ratios.
  • A great crowd that appreciates work to the body.
  • Honor and respect in the end.

Watch. Enjoy.

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