A Lesson in Street MMA: A Plate Full of Sucker Punch

Ah, high school. Where else can you find a mixed bag of personalities and individuals that you’ll ultimately not care about; but yet somehow still be impacted forever by your time together by continually FB stalking and measuring success? Not that I’d know, I just hear stuff. “Prison,” I suppose is a good answer. A lot of people even liken school to prisons—paired up with people you don’t like, having to be in certain places at specific times, fights, and scheduled meals that are often subpar to your well-rounded 18-year-old pallet. In this venture into Street MMA, we get a look at all of that. 

Our video opens up in one of those scheduled meals, next to someone you don’t like, that ends up in a fight. Personally, I always loved high school fights. Once I saw a kid launch a metal chair across the cafeteria—a solid 60’ shot—at his intended target, and hit him!(Shout out to Cecil G, where ever you are.) I digress. Our competitors here are obviously angry at each other. The kid in the backpack seems to be talking enough shit that Baby Bubba Sparxxx has enough and it becomes go-time.

To be honest, it looks like that first shot was an elbow even though you can see the sucker punch get telegraphed at the 0:16 mark. But what a great elbow it was! Somehow, Backpack isn’t too phased and the brawl ensues; much to the dismay of the poor cafeteria worker who’s probably going to have to clean up that mess; as if literally losing your lunch wasn’t sad enough.

Pro Tip: I can’t be sure, but if you pause at 0:27, it appears Baby Bubba Sparxxx is setting up a step-over Kimura! 

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