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Your reminder that Fedor is a good guy and is looking massive

Your reminder that Fedor is a good guy and is looking massive

Even with the language barrier, if I were in trouble, the guy I’d go to for help in any situation would be Fedor. If I had to be tucked into bed by an MMA fighter, it’d be Fedor. If I had to escape a seedy warehouse filled with mobsters carrying machine guns – Fedor. If aliens came down to earth and we had one man to save us, I’d be cowering behind Fedor’s massive frame. 

But it isn’t just his physicality or dangerous skillz that make him so desirable. He’s a gentle, good soul who seems to want to do what’s right. He follows his own drummer. He will always show kindness. Click the “read more” in that post and feel the joy.



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Posted by Fedor Emelianenko on Monday, August 10, 2015

But he’s also backing Putin so what the fuck?

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