You will want to see Derek Boyle and his flying knee KO

What did the flying knee say to the face? Nothing. It does not have a functional mouth and ears, so it’s impossible for it to speak any language. That may come as a shocker to some of you that have never engaged in a high school anatomy class, but knees simply are unable to communicate. They just parade throughout the day, constantly folding and unfolding — without looking at the bigger picture. Knees have no concept of time or spatial reality. They don’t even have brains. The greatest thing a knee can do is to be launched across an arena with the intention of being slammed into someone’s skull. If that’s the purpose of all knees, then it’s clear that Derek Boyle’s has fulfilled its purpose here on Earth. Congratulations Derek Boyle’s knee. You deserve a cake for all your accomplishments. [Source]

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