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Why did the UFC tell Miesha she was going to have a trilogy with Ronda to begin with?

Why did the UFC tell Miesha she was going to have a trilogy with Ronda to begin with?

Now that Ronda has pulled a baller move and announced her Holly Holm fight on Good Morning America, it’s left the previously promised trilogy of Ronda versus Miesha in the back garbage can, and Miesha upset, confused and everyone in her camp angry. Rightfully so. They were told it was going to happen. Everyone expected it to happen, and now look – nothin’!

Why oh why did Dana even say anything? He told this to the Times:

“We were talking about Miesha from the start, then as we started sitting around we were saying, ‘Everyone has seen the Miesha fight already.’

“A third fight in a rivalry usually comes after the stuff we’d see in (Arturo) Gatti-(Micky) Ward. With Miesha, the result has been the same twice. Everyone’s already seen that fight.”

“There’s two sides to the coin … I’m not sure losing another fight to Ronda so soon would be good for Miesha,” he said. “She’s not going anywhere. I think she’ll be fine.”

Is Dana so out of touch with his company that he really needed to sit around and discuss the possibility of a fighter who had been finished twice by Ronda not getting a third shot? It’s almost disturbing, the lack of foresight from this group of people running the best fighting company since Pride. Why does everything have to be so shitty?

Like all of us, Sara McMann didn’t get it way before this mythical discussion: 

“I really don’t understand a third fight between them, beside the fact that Miesha’s won some fights in a row and she’s very marketable. Just being honest, what do you say? ‘We sure hope she doesn’t get armbarred again?’”

But she probably would be armbarred again. Or knocked out. So Dana and co. came to their senses, but after it was somewhat common knowledge that Miesha was getting the fight. WTF is that?

As Miesha put it on her Instagram:

“I am extremely disappointed how all the events unfolded this morning regarding news that I will not be fighting Ronda Rousey. I was told after my last win that I had earned the title shot. I’ve already begun training for Rousey and I was shocked to hear the announcement this morning. I regret this for not only myself, but my team, sponsors and the fans who like me believed my next fight was for the title.”

It’s not like we’re even being smarks about this whole situation. Dana went on and on about Miesha/Ronda 3 at the post-fight in Chicago. Get this man off the mic.


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