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We hope Chad Griggs’ sideburns survive his cut to light heavyweight

We hope Chad Griggs’ sideburns survive his cut to light heavyweight

We can’t confirm it, but all signs point to Chad Griggs’ sideburns being enchanted with +5 in rawesomeness. We don’t know who created this enchantment, what the required mats (materials) are for said enchantment or who had the enchantment level required to perform the delicate act of enchanting a man’s sideburns with pure rawesomeness (which we assume is a high-level enchant). But it’s undeniable there’s something supernatural about those chops on Chad Griggs’ face.

That’s why we hope they survive the Gravedigger’s cut to light heavyweight, because he’s going to need every ounce of their power for Phil Davis at UFC on Fox 4.

Yep, now the light heavyweight division has a dude with legit heavyweight power and supernatural sideburns to deal with. Then again, maybe the natural explosiveness that resides within Phil Davis can offset Chad’s sideburns of power…There’s no doubt these questions will be lighting up MMA messageboards across the world for months to come, until finally we have the answers to our questions delivered directly to our brains August 4th via our eyes and FOX.


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