Watch Tim Sylvia: Tales From the Police Squad

I have to admit I was really excited when I saw the HDNet Youtube channel back up and with a Tim Sylvia: Tales from the police squad video. The possibility or big Tim chasing down a meth dealer in some backyard somewhere immediately piqued my interest. I bet Tim Sylvia could hop fences like no other cop known to man, and as someone who has had to “circumvent the law” quite a few times as a teen, I will tell you that without the fence hopping factor, you are done for, Tim Sylvia will catch you. Besides, even if you made it halfway up this imaginary fence in my brain, Sylvia could probably just reach up and grab your leg, it’s a horrifying thought. At least it all makes for good TV. Cop shows are great, they make us feel better about ourselves, and in my opinion the best part of any cop show is when the perp is in cuffs breathlessly trying to justify his actions, or in the imaginary meth dealers case, he needs to help MMA fighters cut weight, so big Tim should go easy on him. Check out this ride a long with auxiliary Officer Tim Sylvia, sans Ronnie Dobbs or meth dealers.

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