Watch this Bamma 5 trailer featuring Paul Daley

The snow in Chicago is finally melting. It’s been a long, tough winter for the owner of a dog with short legs, but thankfully it’s coming to an end. Where the record mounds of snow once buried my dog’s poo, the warm weather melting down the frozen tundra that was my apartment building has left the entire catalog of my dog’s turds open to the naked eye. My apartment complex management will be none too pleased if they see these little brown bombshells, so as soon as I finish this article, I’m going to shovel all of the crap into the bushes adjacent to my building. The operation must take place under the cover of darkness, not so much because it’s a dangerous secret mission, but because it’s embarrassing. While I go do that, watch this Bamma 5 trailer featuring Paul Daley talking about percentages.

Pretty exciting stuff, not only is Daley going for Yuya Shirai’s welterweight title, but if he wins he is next in line for a shot at Nick Diaz’s Strikeforce belt. Paul Daley takes care of business. Unlike me, who has a bunch of poo on top of a bush near my apartment…


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