Watch the UFC 126 Weigh-Ins LIVE! Right here at 7pm ET/4pm PT!

Only in MMA will thousands across the planet wait for a group of guys to strip nearly naked, flex their muscles and step on a scale. In no other niche of society would that be a heterosexual activity, but for today, we can all feel just a little bit more manly knowing that Anderson Silva will weigh just under 185lbs for UFC 126. You don’t have to be located in Las Vegas to partake in the pre-fight tradition, the UFC 126 weigh-ins will air live, right here at 4pm PST/7pm EST. You will slap yourself in the face a thousand times in sheer regret if you miss the Anderson Silva/Vitor Belfort face-off.

Update:In the pre-fight press conference, Vitor Belfort said Anderson Silva wears a mask when he’s around people. Well, Anderson took it one step further at the weigh-ins by actually wearing a mask. If you missed the weigh-ins, you can still catch the replay below.

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