Watch: The Gracie brothers breakdown the grappling when a man jumps in a cage and wrestles a panda

Man vs. Panda! The time honored tradition of man versus wild grappling matches dates back centuries. When all challenges within your own species have been conquered, a true warrior must turn to the animal kingdom to fulfill his competitive fire. Don’t be shocked after Conor McGregor beats Eddie Alvarez if he calls out some form of ape, jungle cat or kangaroo animal to meet him in the center of the cage live on pay per view.

Maybe this dude from at the China zoo was on his own human versus beast or maybe he was drunk as hell and was just trying to impress his girlfriend. Either way when the human race battles Mother Nature we’ll be there to listen to the breakdown. Let the Gracie Brothers give a jiu-jitsu perspective on what happens when a drunk human grapples with a big cute docile panda bear.

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