Watch the entire CNN special on women in MMA right here…

In my brief search to find a picture of Supremacy MMA’s Michele Gutierrez, I came across a photo of a school lunch that depicted six chicken fingers piled upon a styrofoam tray with a dinner roll and a whole apple neatly arranged. A carton of chocolate milk is apparently the lunch’s center piece. Someone named ‘Michele Gutierrez’ captured that image, and upon further investigation, she looks remarkably like MMA’s Michele Gutierrez. This leads me to believe that all Michele Gutierrez’s look alike, and as of right now there’s not enough evidence out there to prove me wrong. Hopefully whenever CNN finishes their exploration on the world of women in MMA, they’ll get down to the bottom of this Gutierrez mystery. In the meantime, I’ll watch their special that aired last weekend, and so should you. Props to ZombieProphet for ripping the CNN video.

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