Watch Team Jackson pull a weak prank on Jon Jones

Listen, I don’t go around critiquing MMA fighters’ performances, it’s not my place and they could kill me in a variety ways. However, I will critique mixed martial artists’ poorly executed pranks any day of the week, from 2002 to 2007 I considered myself somewhat of an expert. There are a lot of things I can’t talk about or ever even admit to, but homes were broken into and batteries were removed from every remote control in the house with much stealth in the middle of the night. Large moving trucks were employed to erect an intricate pagoda, made from a torn down Chinese restaurant, on my friends front porch. A small workout center was once assembled on a front lawn in the early morning hours, I could keep going. So when someone who needs to keep cool when they get punched in the face for a living’s best defense during a prank is stating “dude, what are you talking about?!” then starts giggling and runs away, I shake my head in sadness. Watch this video of Jon Jones running a gamut of emotions as the Jackson camp “steals his car”.

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