Watch Marius Zaromskis moments after tearing off Sakuraba’s ear

The Whitemare had a rough 2010. If that sentence was written by Philip K. D**k in the 1950’s it probably would have been included in a futuristic tale wrought with mystery and biting social satire that could only be appreciated in high school classrooms half a century after it’s publication. For better or worse this is the real world, not a science fiction book, and after a year that included an 0-2-1 Strikeforce run culminating in the “flying eye poke” over Waachim Spiritwolf at Strikeforce Challengers, Marius Zaromskis finished his disappointing and confusing year in true WTF fashion: by accidentally tearing off Sakuraba’s ear at Dynamite!! 2010.  Philip K. D**k once said: “it is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane”. Luckily, after a wild year for the Dream welterweight champ that on paper looked like he either gets knocked out or injures his opponent so severely they can’t continue, the Whitemare held onto his marbles, and we have video of the exasperated champ just moments after he ripped Saku’s ear from his legendary skull via the K1 Youtube channel. Check it out:


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