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Watch Machida and Bader’s training day. Spoiler: no one drinks any pee

Watch Machida and Bader’s training day. Spoiler: no one drinks any pee

At first, I thought this was going to be a fan-made promo hyping Bader and Machida’s fight this Saturday, interspliced with scenes from Denzel Washington’s Academy Award winning performance from Training Day. I was dead wrong. It’s actually six solid minutes inside the life of the two light heavyweights during a day of, well, training and their family lives. It’s actually pretty good, and there is no Ethan Hawke whatsoever. I watched it twice to make sure. Now don’t take that last sentence as a knock on Ethan Hawke, he’s a fine performer and he was nominated for best supporting actor for his role as LAPD cop Jake Hoyt in one of the best films from 2001 – Training Day.

There is something else I should tell you before you watch this video: no one drinks any pee. We made sure of that. Trust me, between the entire staff we would never let an opportunity to describe Lyoto Machida’s sweet urine dribbling from his chin after a tough workout elude us. Electrolytes and vitamins. Replenish them with your fluid waste Karate man.

Watch the video and get really, really excited that this is going down Saturday on FOX.


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