Watch Genki Sudo do his thing in this amazing Japanese Toyota commercial

The world of MMA is an unjust place. Good doesn’t always triumph evil, our heroes rarely go out on the high note that they deserve, fighters are riddled with irreversible brain trauma. It’s a sad state of affairs at times within MMA.

One of the biggest injustices in the history of MMA is the fact that Genki Sudo never obtained the fame from MMA that he deserves. Few fighters have brought such a unique style into MMA. Let’s be honest, we’ll never see anyone come close to Genki’s entrances.

Since an early retirement, Genki Sudo has found fame in an unlikely place: the music industry. His band, World Order has brought him the fame he finally deserves.

Now he’s starring in Toyota commercials. Which from a quick googling I’ve learned that Waku Doki is the adrenaline you get before you do something exciting. Now that Genki Sudo conquered the MMA world and the music industry, he’s doing the unthinkable. Making us excited about driving a Toyota. Dear Genki, you’re an international treasure.

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