Watch Bas Rutten fight a crew of zombie puppets

If civilization was forced to restart due to some cataclysmic event (like a zombie apocalypse) experts believe Bas Rutten will not be the person to lead humanity back to normality. ‘Experts’ being my friends who sincerely believe zombies taking over the city of Los Angeles is a plausible scenario. In fact one of my friends is so adamant about this seemingly improbable event that he has moved from Los Angeles to a mountain in Colorado and has set up hidden provision stations near his house just in case he finds himself away from his residence at the exact time when the undead began to rise and take over the planet.

It’s a ridiculous premise to prepare for. Besides, if the zombie apocalypse happened we all know that puppets will be the first to turn on humans. Bas Rutten clearly knows what to do as illustrated by this video. [Source]

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