Watch an epic MMA referee fail from Turkey’s first MMA event

Perhaps epic isn’t the right word for this. More along the lines of ‘Holy [expletive] how can you not see this guy tap!.’ There’s no word in the English language that encompasses this emotion, so for the time being we’ll just make up a new word. Something that really captures the complete disgust of this French referee that was flown in for Fightcode, a hybrid K-1/MMA event. How does ‘Fatootard’ work? Here’s an example: ‘My brain completely fatootard over this incompetent referee last weekend.’ We may need to spend some more time in the lingustics lab for this one.

Check out this video from our friends over at Kan Sporu of a referee so obviously missing a tap that it’s borderline scary. Keep in mind that this was the first MMA event in Turkey. Horrible MMA refereeing is not just a North American phenomena. The planet sucks at officiating. [Source]

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