Watch: All the times Nate Diaz Stockton Slapped Conor McGregor at UFC 202 in one post

Whether in victory or in defeat Nathan Donald Diaz the First will not hesitate to slap the taste out of your mouth. Since there is no bigger mouth in mixed martial arts than Conor McGregor’s, he makes for the perfect candidate to get Stockton slapped right in the face. There is an art to the Nate Diaz Stockton Slap. At UFC 196 seared his palm into the porcelain cheek of McGregor.

At UFC 202 the outcome for Diaz was different than their first encounter but he was still able to sneak in plenty of his signature move into the fight. The Diaz brothers know you have to get your shit in when working a match.

This post is not for Conor McGregor fans but in it you will find every time Nate Diaz was able to Stockton Slap the UFC featherweight champion right in his face.

“I challenge you to a dual mother fucker”- Nate Diaz in his head, probably.

And again

Maybe the best one of the fight

And another one

Slap City

A Diaz slap rally

The Stockton Slap Face

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