‘Walking to the Cage’ is an MMA documentary and you can see the entire thing right here for free

As I sit here clutching my fourth energy drink like Conan the Barbarian wielding his double-handed battle axe, I realized that in the infinite space that our universe occupies, there will never be a time when I will walk inside of a cage with the intent of fighting someone. Sure I may be tricked into it, or perhaps be the butt of some ridiculously cruel joke that involves me getting my teeth shoved in my lower mandible. However as it stands, you would literally have to handcuff me and (or) throw an ignorant amount of money at me. The latter would be the preferred method, of course. ‘Walking to the Cage’ is a documentary that examines the lives of three athletes and their reasons for potentially being punched in the face in the name of MMA. It’s free, so procrastinate a little longer this morning before you do any real work. [Source]

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