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Vitor Belfort really, really wants to fight Anderson Silva

Vitor Belfort really, really wants to fight Anderson Silva

Remember that one time when Vitor Belfort didn’t want to fight Anderson Silva because they had somewhat of a friendship? Last October, Tatame Magazine interviewed Belfort regarding his (at the time) upcoming bangemite fest with Anderson Silva at UFC 109, here’s what he had to say:

“This thing of fighting Anderson is something that I’ve never looked for. I care about him a lot, but started that thing of Dana White talks… I don’t care about fighting for the title, I want to do some more fights. I don’t have this ambition of fighting him (Anderson) now, I didn’t get in UFC looking for it, to take his belt… I never had that thing, I just want to do my work.”

Now as of just a few minutes ago, Vitor wants his title shot. In fact, he’s begging for it. Check out what Vitor tweeted (twatted?) moments ago.


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