Video: Watch Artem Lobov Eat a Massive Andre Fili Headkick, Conor Get Kicked Out of Ringside

The “Russian Hammer” Artem Lobov seems to be more used to being the nail.

Watch him eat a head kick from Andre Fili that would have killed any normal man. Guess the Siberian Express had a scheduled stop in Gdansk for some maintenance.


Andre Fili had is way in every round of the fight. The Team Alpha male product straight up put work on the Artem Lobov.

The Legend of Flobov seemed totally lost in the fight after some initial first round success. But Lobov’s failures were not for a lack of coaching.

Check out boxing icon Conor McGregor having to be ejected by referee Marc Goddard. McGregor of course was following the fight around the cage, ignoring the fact that he both was not an official cornerman for the fight, nor was he even in his fighter’s corner. Finally, Goddard told him he had to go.


Andre Fili capped off his dominant decision victory with a post-fight speech declaring that people had to “give a shit about each other again”. To which I say, solid point, “Touchy” Fili. Well done.

Conor had a slightly different message to Artem, while consoling Artem post-fight. He seems to call Fili a faggot as he helps Lobov walk backstage.

(h/t: Justin Golightly for video)

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