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Video: Tyron Woodley explains seasoning and spices to Sage Northcutt, blows his freaking mind

Can’t breath. Can’t breath because of Sage Northcutt. And the award for best friendship in mixed martial arts goes to “Sage Northcutt and Tyron Woodley”!!!

From the UFC 209 countdown show you may have missed Woodley and Northcutt as a comedy duo are a walking LOL GIF in human form. Let’s watch Super Sage and Mr. Woodley (Editor’s note: no seriously those are the nicknames they call each other) cook some chicken for dinner after a hard day at the gym.

Just do yourself a favor and fast forward to the 12:20 mark of the video and watch in jaw dropping amazement as the champ explains cooking, seasoning and the general idea of spices to his young pupil.

H/T to our dude @SecretMovesMMA for the find

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