MMA Rundown

Video: Mic drop. Last night on Raw Stephanie McMahon roasted the hell out of CM Punk

On the mic Stephanie McMahon is a God among us. There is a legit argument to made that in a pro wrestling ring with a microphone in her hand McMahon may have already surpassed her father Vince McMahon in terms of delivering a heart stopping promo. Last night on Monday Night Raw, McMahon shut down the Chicago live crowd when they attempted to hijack a segment with a certain chant.

“CM Punk, CM Punk, CM Punk, CM Punk”

Nope. McMahon was not having none of your chants Chicago. She. Shut. It. Down. And McMahon ethered CM Punk in the process.

Just a killer line from the one and only Stephanie McMahon. CM Punk’s soul may never recover from that one-liner.

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