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Video: Jon Jones Gets Too Real About How He Keeps His Dick Up

Video: Jon Jones Gets Too Real About How He Keeps His Dick Up

When you are the youngest champion in UFC history, and an undefeated light heavyweight prodigy, not much embarrasses you. I guess that’s why Jon Jones can so unflinchingly talk about needing pills to make his d**k hard. Check out the quick clip below to hear Jon give zero fucks when asked about fans worrying about another failed drug test.


There is something super admirable about a legend of MMA casually talking about his use of d**k pills like a 70 year old dude at your local gym. Dude’s got zero shame in his game. Now we here at Middle Easy don’t want to speculate about Jon Jones’s sexual health, but it seems bizarre that such a young healthy guy would need Cialis, but hey, maybe it’s recreational. As admirers of deviant behavior, who are we to judge occasionally taking a d**k pill? Who hasn’t been there? After a long night/day of coke binging with some lovely ladies who want to get intimate, and all that Bolivian marching powder’s got you cock feeling like jello… What are you going to do when faced with that type of adversity? We are just glad Jon did the responsible thing and got the real McCoy from an actual doctor. You just can’t trust those off brand convenience store d**k pills nowadays.

Check out the full interview of Jon Jones basically roasting Daniel Cormier in every imaginable way.  It’s so wonderful to have this man back in our sport.

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