Video: Jeff Novitzky tries to explain why Frank Mir & Tom Lawlor got screwed while Jon Jones gets to fight

Jeff Novitzky looks like a man who has been through hell and has returned to tell the tale. Our USADA dude looks broken. Jon Jones has cracked the soul of this grown man.

On the surface Jeff Novitzky’s job is to play the middle man between all things USADA and UFC. In reality, Jeff Novitzky is just left out to dry to take all the damage from USADA and the UFC screwing up all the time. This entire UFC 232 fiasco has pushed Jeff Novitzky to his breaking point.

We don’t think this guy has slept for the entire Holiday season. Our cousin Jeff has the look of man who’s in-laws have overstayed their welcome during Christmas break. They ain’t going home until the Super Bowl is set to kickoff and you can’t do anything about it Jeffery.

While we’re at it, when did Novitzky morph into a Dana White cosplayer? What is going on at UFC headquarters?

Thanks to Jon Jones, Novitzky has to bend over backwards multiple times to try and explain what the hell the UFC is doing. Bones keeps messing up in new, exotic and spectacular ways, and Jeff is just out of stock answers.

Please, if the uFC has a heart they will just isolate Jeffery into a padded room one mile below sea level until like April. Novitzky can’t handle another Jones PR fever dream; he just doesn’t have it in him anymore.

Don’t feel bad for good old Jeff, he’s getting paid a ton of money by the UFC to be a human punching bag. In his latest interview, cousin J tries his best to explain why Frank Mir and Tom Lawlor were boned by USADA while Jon Jones has entered in the Konami Code and cannot be stopped by failed drug tests.

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