MMA Rundown

Video: Big John McCarthy grabs Tito Ortiz by the neck to break up fight ending choke on Chael Sonnen

Goodbye Tito Ortiz. MMA didn’t know it at the time but Tito Ortiz was the perfect fighter, at an imperfect time in the sport’s history. When Zuffa bought the UFC, Ortiz as well as his look and persona helped carry the company through a long stretch of rocky waters.

In Ortiz’s last fight, he almost downright schooled Chael Sonnen in the grappling department. Then in true Tito Ortiz fashion, he held on to the fight-ending choke (neck crank) for way too long. So even when Ortiz dominates his opponent in his farewell cage fight, The Huntington Beach Bad Boy still manages to piss off a large segment of the MMA community.

Thanks Tito.

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