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Video: After groin surgery, still high on anesthesia Frankie Edgar records a message for his fans

It is time for another BJ Penn fight week, so now is good time to remind ourselves that Frankie Edgar snatched the soul of Baby Jay on three separate occasions. A 145 pound fighter from New Jersey single handedly ended the myth of BJ Penn, with each loss more heartbreaking than the next for the Hawaiian MMA faithful. Despite crushing Penn for nearly 75 minutes of Octagon time, Edgar is still mortal and did not gain any extra power-ups for slaying a great MMA deity.

Fresh off his win at UFC 205 over Who The Fook is That Guy (?), Edgar attempted to get on the UFC’s next event in Brooklyn but was unable to. Instead of fighting again in early 2017, Edgar opted into elective groin surgery. Now Frankie Edgar is high as all hell and people in his camp are recording videos of him and posting them on his Instagram.

Let’s watch high on anesthesia Frankie Edgar say funny shit while still laying in his hospital bed.