Video: Vicious Muay Thai KO Makes Opponent’s Mouth Look Like Black Dahlia Murder

If you translate the title of this video, it reads: (18+) Spitting Blood smash mouth tear. (I do not see). Not only is “Spitting Blood Smash Mouth Tear” the perfect name for my new grindcore band, I couldn’t of given the video a better description myself. This Thai dude straight up got his mouth ripped up like the Joker in this fight.

I’m not sure if these are even real names, but Lhekkla Thanasurananakorn caught Payaklampong Somsakkorsang with an elbow straight from the deepest circle of Hell. Somsakkorsang gets dropped and spews blood from his mouth like a Tarantino film. A lady screams in horror and some health technician crams a fistful of gauze into his mouth like he just got his wisdom teeth out. …Because he probably did.

You wanna’ know how he got these scars? Watch the gruesome video below.

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