Unlike you, Clay Guida is having a blast in Lake Havasu for Spring Break

Clay Guida lives in an RV and travels the country while occasionally parking his ride in New Mexico to train at Greg Jackson’s camp. In short, that makes him an infinitely cooler human being than any of us. The last time I saw Clay Guida, the guy was scooping cold shrimp in a buffet line at the MGM Grand. We talked about how the pineapples were ‘rocking’ and he told me that was up all night trying to find his brother on the strip of Las Vegas. Clay Guida is the type of guy that would be willing to repair a keg tap at any given moment at a house party. He’s the guy that would lock the door and shut the blinds just before the cops knock on the front door. Now thanks to TMZ, we finally have visual evidence to go with our assumptions. It’s confirmed, Clay Guida really is that guy that would take a beer bong on a beach at the drop of a hat — or the drop of whatever else is in the vicinity. Actually, I don’t think anything dropping is a requisite for Clay Guida funneling beer. [Source]

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