Uh, Punkass and Skyscrape have allegedly stolen Mask Lewis’ remains

Death, the final frontier? I don’t really plan on dying, but if I did I wouldn’t burden my loved ones with having to deal with my body too much. I’m not high maintenance in life or death. I just simply want to be stuffed and put in a prominent area for display. Maybe in that room of the house where you aren’t allowed to wear shoes and no one really enters. Put me in that room, next to the china no one uses. Oh, and I want to be poseable. Why not make me a part of the house, a coat rack maybe? My point is this, if I ever do die, make it so it will be really difficult for Cat, Zeus or the new guy Kieran to steal me. I don’t my next of kin to suffer like Mask Lewis’ sister.

TMZ is reporting that Tapout founders Punkass and Skyscrape have been accused of stealing Charles “Mask” Lewis’ ashes. Yeah, they ‘borrowed’ them from Mask’s sister and allegedly bottled the cremated remains of Charles Lewis and sold or distributed them amongst ‘chosen people’ that were ‘on a list’. Too sum all of that up into a non existent word: wut.

Mask’s sister Carla has been trying in vain to get back her brother back in one piece (pun intended) throughout this whole ordeal, supposedly Punkass and Skyscrape still have the urn and the remaining ashes and they refuse to return them. Wow. Just wow. Now Carla has taken to the legal system to try to get her brother back.

This is another reason why death is stupid and I refuse to partake.

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