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UFC 169: Renan Barao Performed the Dance of Death on Urijah Faber

UFC 169: Renan Barao Performed the Dance of Death on Urijah Faber

Perhaps it was inevitable, perhaps it was simply a moment in time that where Urijah Faber will look back and remember the time that he danced with death and due to Herb Dean survived. A part of me had feared that “Brave New World” would be Iron Maiden’s last hurrah into creating a tremendous album, but then “Dance of Death” was released and I realized that Maiden was in it for the long haul, with the title track always leaving a lasting impact on me. Urijah Faber was game at UFC 169, but he was dancing with death and, much like Bruce D**kinson posits in the title track from “Dance of Death,” was spared in the first round when Herb Dean stopped the fight.

Dance of Death might be a standard Iron Maiden song in E minor with haunting guitar harmonies and Bruce’s powerful voice booming out dark lyrics, but Renan Barao’s performance against Urijah Faber was anything but standard, just like Dance of Death wasn’t a standard song. Renan Barao was looking for blood, he was looking to end Faber and found himself pounding away at Urijah Faber’s head only for Herb Dean to step in while Urijah Faber put his thumb up.

“To this day I guess I’ll never know

Just why Herb stopped the fight

But I’ll never go dancing no more

In a UFC title fight”

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