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Ubereem’s brother scored a 7 second KO over the weekend

Anyway you slice it, messing with someone that has the last name ‘Overeem’ is just a really bad idea. Reem means to ‘open up something’ or ‘to make a hole’. In Hebrew, reem also means a horned wild animal. For the sake of this argument, let’s just combine those two definitions together and you get a horned wild animal that likes to make holes in things. Normally, that would be enough to make your bowel movements immediately explode on the site of a ‘reem‘. Now whatever image of you have of what a reem may look like, you’re going to have to make it just a little scarier. We’re talking about Overeem as in ‘Yeah, that reem stuff is cool…but we’re taking it to the next level‘. A freaking Overeem is what you get when you sew together the bodies of lesser humans to form one gigantic, genetic anomaly capable of sending your soul out of your body with just one knee. That’s an Overeem, and if you wake up one day and you pissed off one of those things…your life is pretty much over. There’s no more bucket list. You missed out. Unfortunately, Tengiz Tedoradze had to find out the hard way in Pancrase Fighting Championship 2 this past weekend and in just seven seconds, the dude’s consciousness disconnected from his body via a devastating head kick by Alistair Overeem’s older brother, Valentijn Overeem. Check out the video of the bout below. [Source]


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