Ubereem wants to pillage the Strikeforce HW division because it’s better than UFC’s

Laughing out loud for anyone that thinks Alistair Ubereem is from this planet and a double LOL for anyone that thinks ‘Overeem’ is his last name. You could cut off a piece of Ubereem’s arm, throw it in a pile of primordial ooze and restart the evolutionary process in a weekend. If this is the future of humanity, than the world is going to friggin need a lot more horse meat. Check out what Ubereem told Index.hr about his bathroom brawl, fighting Fedor and the UFC heavyweight division.

“It’s true that I haven’t defended it for 2 years. Actually, i had something scheduled for 2009. but then I got injured. The real truth is that there weren’t any real opponents for me to fight at the beginning of Strikeforce. Everything was new and there was no one to fight. They didn’t complain and I competed in Dream and K-1 in the meantime. Then when real fighters came, I got injured in 2009. I cut myself, and had a serious bacterial infection…I will definitely fight Fedor this year. There’s no doubt about it, unless he says no. I don’t believe he will, but I’m a little worried about his managers. I’m sure he wants to fight, but I’m not sure people behind him do too…Besides Fedor, there’s Brett Rogers. Big guy that doesn’t worry me that much. Strong, but talks to much. I will fight him soon as well. Then there’s Fabricio Werdum, and I definitely want to kill him. He’s a loudmouth, but I think he’s first in line for Fedor, so that fight will wait a bit. Finally there’s Andre Arlovski. A very good fighter I will also fight eventually…I wouldn’t say UFC has the toughest competition. I think Strikeforce is getting stronger, theres me, Rogers, Fedor, Werdum, Arlovski… I’m not sure, I’d even say that the Strikeforce HW division is stronger then UFC’s right now. So no, I’m not thinking of going there…I think I’m currently in the top 5. There’s Fedor, and that big guy from the UFC, Brock Lesnar. Not sure about the rest, id say Dos Santos is up there. He really impressed me.”

Ubereem’s last Strikeforce bought was in 2007 where he brutalized Paul Buentello for the Strikeforce HW belt. Since then, Buentello went on to TKO a juiced up Baby Fedor (Kirill Sidelnikov) at Affliction: Day of Reckoning. So technically, a juiced up Baby Fedor is equal to roughly half a Fedor and based on that, Ubereem beat the guy that beat 1/2 a Fedor. Technicalities for the win. [Source]

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