Throwback Thursday! Watch Bill “” make Dan Hardy uncomfortable again

“This guy’s scaring the shit out of everybody.”

That’s what someone said about Bill “” at Superior Cage Combat 4. But he wasn’t competing. He wasn’t being menacing or confrontational. He was just being Billy, the “only like seven beers in” Mr. Hyde version of himself. As Bill explains, “Every now and then, I get to be Billy.”

Yes, it’s Throwback Thursday, and this video is throw-out-your-arm weird. Like Tommy John surgery in Peru without anesthesia weird. Because Billy isn’t just a stereotypical drunk at a show in Las Vegas. He is a drunk at a show in Las Vegas who won’t leave Dan Hardy or anyone else alone.

Billy analyses fights. “Yager’s … like a f*cking perfection game, and all the f*cking shit popped out already. The timer’s gone, Yager’s hair popped out,” he reasons. “He’s like a baby anaconda that hasn’t learned to choke yet.”

He real-time coaching to the fighters. “Yager Meister,” he chants. “Hit him with your purse.”

He even revolutionizes Dan Hardy’s future fight strategy. “Dude’s got a point,” Hardy admits, after Bill performs a convincing act of simulated animal sex.

How does it all end? Will he and Hardy become lifelong friends? Does a visibly annoyed Frank Mir still remember who he is because of the time he “backed up his cousin one night after a Tuff-N-Uff fight?” And most importantly, will he be credited in history books for giving Ray Sefo the greatest male compliment of all time?

“You deserve to wear the red leather,” he said affectionately.

Then he gave Dan Hardy a titty twister, smelled Dana White’s neck and asked about his underwear.

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