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This will be the greatest knock out you will see today

This will be the greatest knock out you will see today

If you’ve made it this far into the week without stabbing someone with a number two pencil, then I have a little present for you., the only site that rewards you for not killing your fellow human beings. I wish I could give you guys something tangible that you can sit on top of your computer desk whenever you need a reminder to not murder. The best I can do is show you this video of Wiebe Brouwer vs. Nick Gorissen at Stichting MMA Nederland this past weekend. Well, you can either watch this video or we can play pencil break for the rest of the day. It’s up to you, really. Be warned, I’m the world pencil break champion of the world. My pencil strikes hit so hard that it can turn a number two pencil into two number one pencils. You’ll never be able to use a scantron ever again.

Thanks to Peter H. for the find. The knockout starts at the 3:20 mark. [Source]

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