MMA Rundown

This new cartoon shows the origins of the Nick Diaz vs. GSP beef with Street Fighter and alien cameos

100 years from now while sitting by a camp fire future MMA scribes will still be telling the tale of Nick Diaz vs. GSP rivalry and how it all began. Every time the MMA world says it’s done with the Nick Diaz vs. GPS origin story its get another reboot and we spiral down another Stockton vs. Canada, Strikeforce vs. UFC and or weed vs. roids rabbit hole. Around where dirt meets the Earth is the next chapter in the Diaz-St. Pierre saga.

The saga continues and this time it’s animated. Thanks to ace 3-D animator Mojahed Fudailat, were not entirely sure what we just watched but we are 100% positive that this event actually happened between Diaz and GSP. On Earth 2, Nick Diaz and Georges St. Pierre were brothers trained by the same martial arts master before a Street Fighter montage broke out, aliens appeared and Dana White consumed a friendly ice cream cone.

MMA Earth 2 is kind of the place to be according to this video.

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