This Korean promo for UFC Fight Night 36 will punch you in the face and not feel guilty about it afterward

Francisco from DstryrSG spent some time in Korea a couple years ago and from what he’s told me, if Korea had a zombie outbreak, the best thing to do would be to quarantine the entire peninsula. We’re talking about drop one well-placed hydrogen bomb on the entire country and sanitize every possible biological entity in the area. That’s the only way you’re going to stop a zombie apocalypse. Going from lab to lab in an attempt to find a cure is a Utopian ideology that will only get your brains sucked out by the undead. In short, if you want to survive the upcoming zombie apocalypse, play more Dead Island and State of Decay.

I’ve never been to Korea, but I did date a half-Korean chick that broke up with me when she came out the closet as a lesbian. I guess that’s close enough. Koreans also have some pretty gnarly UFC promos, at least for this upcoming Machida vs. Mousasi card. Check it out.

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