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This Kim Winslow highlight video isn’t filled with a lot of highlights

This Kim Winslow highlight video isn’t filled with a lot of highlights

Kim Winslow will be in the new EA UFC game, and she will have stats that are indicative of her own performance within the UFC. Every referee will. Look at that, just told you guys something that I wasn’t supposed to. Therefore if you do get Winslow as a ref during your match, you may be abruptly stood up while you’re working your jitz game on the mat or your character may receive a little brain damage based on a blatant late stoppage.

At least that’s what the MMA world perceives of Kim Winslow.

Quite frankly I think people are targetting her unfairly because she’s a woman. The truth is every MMA referee makes mistakes, even the great ones like Herb Dean and Big John. With Winslow, MMA fans love to pinpoint rare inconsistencies in her work and exaggerate them on account of being one of the few women officiating the sport. That’s my take on it, and it’s probably correct — however if you want to watch this video of Kim Winslow’s ‘finer moments,’ go ahead. Props to AFrontKicktotheFace for the +100 news tip.

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