This Dan Hardy/Paul Daley highlight reel will make you salivate all over your keyboard

If I only had an introduction like this every time I existed my apartment, I would have nothing to focus on aside from making sure I look as cool as possible when I walk. When it comes to showing one’s most extraordinary feats in a YouTube video, LayzieTheSavage is a 10th level grandmaster sage at it. Personally, I’m still holding out on my highlight video, which will undoubtedly include a lot of no-look driving while tweeting on nearly every highway in California. That’s like my mutant ability, and I can’t help it if it doesn’t enable me to save the world. My on-the-road tweeting abilities are congruent to a young Salvador Dali if he had a 3G enabled iPhone. Without further ado, check out this immaculate LayzieTheSavage production entitled “The Outlaw with Semtex.” See, we love all you UK top-team keyboard warriors.

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