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Thiago Alves is looking somewhat better #thedayafter

Thiago Alves is looking somewhat better #thedayafter

Normally the walk of shame involves messed up hair and hastily pulled on clothes as you sneak out of whoever’s bed you just shared and head to your Hyundai in the bright morning sun. For Thiago Alves, the day after and walk of shame included a hideously disfigured nose, that luckily doesn’t look THAT bad after some work done post Fight Night. 

Carlos Condit will always have a job as a face deconstructionist employed by plastic surgeons if they ever run out of ideas. 

It almost makes you wish you could watch last night’s comeback for Carlos all over again. Too bad there’s nowhere to do such a thing

I’d like to bring up once again how much of a badass Alves is for getting up after having his nose shattered, working to his feet and then flat out throwing bombs in the general direction of Condit. He knew he had to get a finish before the bell rang to mark the end of the second round. His heart impressed me almost more than Condit’s.

So now we have to wonder who will have the next face to be deconstructed by Condit? If we recall, Woodley was actually lighting up Condit before he injured his knee. Would a rematch go any different? Condit is only getting older, while Woodley is peaking. 

Let’s watch some highlights.


Carlos Condit knocked Thiago Alves' nasal bone up into his forehead. Here's pics.
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