There’s a four year old little girl that trains MMA more than you do

I take my seven year old to Jiu Jitsu every day of the week but Friday. On Friday all he does is complain about not doing Jiu Jitsu. So this past Friday night I attempted to run through a typical warm up, and techinique drills for an hour with him. The key word there is ‘attempted’. After about 35 minutes of being beat up by a 63 lb four and a half foot tall beastly little human I had to tap the heck out because my hip was hurting from all the attempts at hip escapes on the carpetting. At seven years old he clearly trains more than I do. I can still beat the crap out of him at wii boxing though so maybe there’s hope for me yet.

The little girl in this video obviously trains more than I do as well. I don’t want to spar with this kid ever. She has even already earned the title of Princess Warrior thanks to her hardcore training sessions. If you needed something to smile about today, this might very well be it. Enjoy.

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