The TUF house kind of made Mike Ricci go a little crazy…

We’ve heard the stories that say six weeks in the TUF house will drive even the most stoic men a little crazy. You know, screwy, ape, screw loose, bats in the belfry, unhinged, moonstruck,  bonkers, cracked, unzipped, daft, mad as a hatter, delirious, deranged, kooky, flipped out, fruity, insane, unbalanced, looney, mad, cuckoo, maniacal, nuts, mental, nutty, of unsound mind, batty, out to lunch, psycho, screwball, freaked out, silly, demented, unglued, wacky, bonkers, if he wasn’t in the desert he might have froze to death chasing after his movie son in a garden maze. Mike Ricci felt his madness grow with each passing day inside the Las Vegas home. If you can call it that. The latest TUF house was anything but a home. On Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour, Mike Ricci discussed the horribleness that was his six weeks away from Canada and Tristar. At least we got this sweet reaction .gif out of his ordeal.

“It was an absolute nightmare, I wanted to sue for psychological damage, I wasn’t the same person,” “I actually thought I had a case, ‘I’m not the same person, I can do this and win.’ But, I felt like don’t get me wrong, I knew what I was getting into I knew how I was going to react. Even some of the producers in the house toward the end were like, ‘Geez, you’re the most institutionalized fighter we’ve ever seen, we’ve done 11 seasons and we’ve never seen anyone like you, you’re like a robot now.’

“I was taken away from my family and from my friends and from life, you literally, you vanish, you’re gone, there’s no sign of you whatsoever,” “Its almost like to everyone in the outside world you’re dead and you’re gone. There’s no sign of you whatsoever. And, things like for instance I didn’t know what was happening with my people on the outside, it was upsetting, people had gotten new jobs or changed their hairstyle or experienced different things I missed out on, it just upset me. It still upsets me to this day.”

“I watch it and it brings back a lot of emotions for me,” “It’s hard to watch, when I watch it I don’t even realize it, five minutes into the show I’m frowning and my eyebrows get lower and I have this look on my face and I’m getting right back where I was just by watching. But, and also with my situation it was even harder, I was the smallest guy in the house, lightweight, looking the way I look and being quiet it just kind of made me a target for the jokes in the house and being picked on and whatnot. It made my situation a lot harder.”

I actually did go crazy in 1997 when like, three of my friends changed their hairstyles to that George Clooney haircut over the course of a single weekend. It was a tough time for my friends and family but mostly me.


Published on December 12, 2012 at 3:16 am
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